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Staff & Board

Hands huddled together on top of one another.

Our Team

At CIR, we know that good work is accomplished by dedicated individuals who are encouraged to let their numerous talents shine. Our staff are dedicated to the excellent planning and implementation of human service training projects. These highly-qualified people come from diverse backgrounds and bring a wide array of expertise to the work we do.

We are not afraid to tackle difficult social issues and we also know when to stop, take a breath, and have a little fun. We embrace our agency’s vision of bettering the lives of children and families, and bring those priorities to our work environment, making every attempt to ensure that we are supporting the individuals who work for us, and their families. Thus, our office environment is far from typical. On any given day we may be accompanied by a mixture of furry friends, studying tweens, and/or sleeping babies.

Board of Directors

Susan Stewart, Board President 

Alan Kerzin, Treasurer

Berta Hodges, Secretary

Connie Silva, Board Member

Linda Blong, Board Member 

Anne Kuschner, Board Member 

Robin Bowen, Board Member

Jeff Takeda, Board Member