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Two parents are laughing holding their smiling toddler. The image is in black and white.

When we hear stories of child abuse, family violence, child abduction, and other deeply traumatic incidents, we depend on faith in the fact that the professionals helping these children and families have the training and experience needed to make sure that healing can begin and justice is upheld. It’s too easy to take for granted that the police officer talking to an abused child, the social worker supporting a family, and the therapist helping someone work through the deepest of traumas has likely never worked a case just like this or with a person just like that. We don’t dwell on the fact that each of these workers is also absorbing some of the trauma and still having to find the strength to get up and work another day.

Who’s working with these indispensable helpers to their build skills, bolster their confidence, and impart the latest research? All of us at CIR are!

Through a wide array of programs, CIR serves those who are working to protect and heal children and families. We work to optimize established services so that children, families, and communities are served in a holistic way based on best practices and current research.

Just think- for every one person served by CIR, hundreds more are reached!

The Center for Innovation and Resources, Inc. (CIR), is a 501(c)3, non-profit, public benefit organization committed to providing research based solutions on a variety of issues facing our communities. We are committed to providing the highest quality training and technical assistance to all sectors; private, public, and non-profit, in the fields of human services and education.