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CPS/Impact & Reunification

Photo of a young girl on a swing with her mother behind her.

CPS/Impact & Reunification

High Risk Factors In Abduction of CPS Children

1. The act of removing a child from parental custody automatically sets up a
situation for a child to be abducted:
- It threatens the Family Unit
- It takes the power, authority and control away from the Parent
- It may terminate AFDC payments that sustain the parents, as well as the child(ren)
- It may terminate Section 8 Housing or housing in Housing Project.
2. Placement with relatives, as they are required to monitor the perpetrating relatives,
(such as sons or daughters contact with their children). Loyalty ties: Conflict of emotions.
3. Parents with ties to other countries.
4. Other siblings in the CPS/Dependency Court System: Now the only remaining
child(ren) has/have been removed.
5. Substance abuse by the parent/s.
6. Previous attempts of abduction.
7. Parents belief that foster/relative caregiver are not properly caring for child.
8. Paranoid parent.
9. Multiple arrest/criminal activities by the parent.
Content written by Linda Quintana-Mansouri, CPS Consultant to Los Angeles County.

For Information and Resources:
Please contact Xiomara Flores-Holguin, Children Services Administrator, Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services, email: or call (213) 700-9921.